Neo-Nazi Who Said Homosexuality Was 'Unnatural' Revealed To Be A Pedophile

Screengrab / Sky News / Youtube

A Neo-Nazi who schemed to kill a British lawmaker was previously convicted of pedophilia and grooming young children.

A British Neo-Nazi who planned to assassinate a Labor Party member of parliament with a machete has been revealed to be a convicted pedophile, The Independent reported.

Jack Renshaw's past crimes could not be initially reported during his trial for allegedly being a member of the terrorist organization National Action, which was criminalized for its "racist, antisemitic, and homophobic" views in 2016. But when the jury failed to reach a verdict in a case claiming that Renshaw remained a member of the group after the ban, restrictions were lifted.

Renshaw had previously admitted to plotting the murder of Labor MP for West Lancashire Rosie Cooper and of a police officer who investicated Renshaw for acts of pedophilia. The 23-year-old neo-Nazi received his first arrest in January 2017 for speeches calling for the extermination of Jewish people. He later received three years of jail.

Between February 2016 and January 2017, Renshaw allegedly set up fake Facebook profiles and attempted to solicit sex from two boys aged 13 and 14. One of them contacted the police, who seized two BlackBerry phones from Renshaw's family home in Blackpool, Lancashire. Another two phones recovered from Renshaw later showed searches for homosexual pornography.

He said in an interview with police that he was a heterosexual virgin who viewed both homosexuality and sex outside of marriage as immoral and "unnatural".

He claimed that counter-extremist group Hope Not Hate was responsible for the actions, but jurors at Preston Crown Court did not believe him and he was sentenced to 16 months in jail.

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