Neil Bush, George W. Bush’s Brother, Implicated In Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme


Mark Scott, who implicated Bush, aimed at legitimizing his naivety by citing the son and brother of two world leaders.

Neil Bush, the brother of former U.S. President George W. Bush, was implicated in the OneCoin scandal after he allegedly was paid $300,000 to attend a meeting with Ruja Ignatova, the “Cryptoqueen,” according to FccEd

Bush, 64, met with the 38-year-old head of OneCoin in Hong Kong to outline a deal with a company he was connected with, Hoifu Energy, and Ignatova’s OneCoin.

Former attorney Mark Scott, who is facing charges of fraud and money laundering, claims he was an innocent party in the Ponzi scheme, while his lawyer, Arlo Devlin-Brown, sought to legitimize his client’s naivety by implicating the son and brother of two former world leaders. 

According to the transcript of an FBI interview with Neil Bush, “Bush recalled that the head of Hoifu Eneryg, Dr. Hui Chi Ming, received a bunch of cryptocurrency for an oil deal in Madagascar. Bush had a residual interest in the cryptocurrency from the oil deal. Bush met the woman from the cryptocurrency company, Ruja Ignatova, in Hong Kong with Dr. Hui.”

However, the files confirmed that the deal failed to proceed.

“[Neil Bush] did not exercise that option and he did not invest,” confirmed Bush’s counsel, David Gerger.

U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos ruled that Neil Bush’s testimony held no relevance to the case for the defense and that no subpoena would be required. 

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