Nearly 70% Of New Coronavirus Cases Are In States That Voted For Trump

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For the first time in the pandemic, red counties are seeing as many news cases as blue counties.

A Washington Post analysis of new coronavirus cases found 7 in 10 are in red states, and for the first time, red counties are seeing as many new cases as blue counties.

  • The Post’s Philip Bump noted that issues surrounding the pandemic — and even the virus itself — have been case in a partisan light since the beginning, with supporters of President Trump tending to follow his lead, whether it’s reopening schools, the issue of masks, or just general concern about catching the virus.
  • Recent polling from CNN found that 87 percent of Americans who plan to vote for Joe Biden are very or somewhat concerned about the pandemic, Bump noted. As for those intending to vote for Trump, a full 71 percent are not overly concerned about it.
  • This lack of concern also has some basis in how the pandemic first emerged, he noted, with cities in blue states seeing thousands of deaths a day while those in red states far less concern.

That changed in early June. By then — shortly before Vice President Pence infamously boasted about the administration’s success in combating the virus — more new cases were emerging in states that supported Trump in 2016 than in those which voted for Hillary Clinton.

  • However, Bump noted that many of the new cases were still showing up in blue counties in those red states. This is no longer the case: “For the first time, about half of new cases are also in counties that voted for Trump,” he wrote.

We’re using seven-day averages of new cases here because daily case reporting can be spotty. Using this metric, there was an average of 20,345 new cases on Wednesday in counties Clinton won and 20,117 in counties Trump won. If we instead used newly reported cases on Wednesday itself, there were 1,600 more new cases in red counties.

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