Nearly 1200 Children Were Killed By Guns Since The Parkland Shooting Last Year

"An emotional vigil was held for the 17 victims who were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as survivors told stories about lost classmates and police released an updated timeline." February 2018. (ABC News)Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube

This equates to a Parkland shooting every 5 days in the year since the high school was attacked.

On Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida, 14 students and 3 adults were gunned down in a school shooting. Parents and other citizens organized a rally called the March For Our Lives, calling their movement Never Again, as reported by the McClatchy DC Bureau.

Yet, 94 days later in Santa Fe, Texas, 8 students and 2 teachers were killed by a gunman at a high school.

Starting on February 14, 2018 and continuing for 12 months, nearly 1,200 lives were taken by gun violence, which equates to a Parkland shooting every 5 days.

Besides death by school shooters, many young Americans died from "murder-suicides, jealous rages, indiscriminate drive-bys, targeted attacks and horrific preventable accidents." Most victims were minorities.

91 children, 18-years-old and younger, were killed in domestic murder-suicides in the past year. Most were killed by parents.

“This is America. Anyone who wants a gun will be able to obtain one and at competitive prices,” said Thomas Hargrove, founder of the Murder Accountability Project.

While federal research into gun violence is not banned, it is discouraged. The 1996 Dickey Amendment was passed at the urging of the National Rifle Association. It states that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] may be used to advocate or promote gun control.”

Mark Rosenberg "was the last person at the CDC to freely research gun violence in the late 1990s." He is now an advocate for more federal research.

If this was an epidemic or a polio-like illness and you documented these kinds of fatalities, don’t you think there would be a hue and cry that the CDC is not doing everything it could to stop this epidemic?” asked Mark Rosenberg.

It is unlikely that more research will happen, as government agencies fear that the NRA and congressional appropriators will retaliate if they do not abide by their wishes.

The Republican-held Senate will probably block any new gun restrictions, but thankfully, gun safety is back in the conversation.

Senator Kamala Harris said, “I think somebody should have required all those members of Congress to go in a room — in a locked room, no press, nobody else — and look at the autopsy photographs of those babies. And then you vote your conscience.”

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regretfully, I knew, after the tragedy in Newtown, when the country offered thoughts and prayers but little else, that nothing would stir us to change....