NBC News recently obtained an internal U.S. Postal Service document revealing the agency’s plans to remove 671 high-volume mail processing machines from facilities across the nation.

  • The USPS described the move in a statement to the news outlet as “normal business adjustments.”
  • NBC News correspondent Geoff Bennett said the document, which was circulated in June, is broken out by region, state and city.
  • Bennett added that the USPS claims the machines are being removed and reallocated but said his reporting has only discovered machines being removed with no reports of any being reallocated.
  • USPS officials have said the decision is in service of “effectiveness and efficiency,” but a veteran mail carrier told Bennett that “you can’t get more efficient and effective” than these machines, the reporter said.”They’re designed to sort 35,000 pieces of mail per hour and spit them out with 99 percent effectiveness, so all a letter carrier has to do is show up, get the bag and hit the street.”
  • Bennett noted that this is part of President Trump’s new postmaster general’s plan to make the agency more solvent, but Democrats and other critics believe it is part of Trump’s plan to interfere with the 2020 election.

Watch the report here.