NBC: CIA Has Been Collecting Intel On Giuliani’s Interactions With Russians

Screengrab / Good Morning America / YouTube


US intelligence agencies gathered information on Rudy Giuliani as they spied on the Russian agents with whom he talked.

NBC News has confirmed reports that the CIA and other spy agencies passed information to the White House last year that had been gathered on Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with alleged Russian intelligence agents.

The existence of the intelligence was first reported by the Washington Post and later confirmed by the New York Times, both of which reported that White House National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien warned President Donald Trump about it. NBC News has not confirmed that detail. The Post cited four former officials while the Times relied on four current and former officials.

  • A source told NBC News that U.S. intelligence agencies were not spying on Giuliani himself but the people with whom he was communicating. That includes pro-Russia Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach, who has been designated a Russian agent by the Treasury Department.
  • That intelligence gathering led to U.S. intelligence officials learning about “Giuliani's dealings with Derkach and other Russian operatives who wanted to feed him information attempting to discredit Democrat Joe Biden, the source said.”

Giuliani met repeatedly with Derkach on Dec. 5, 2019, as part of his efforts to gather derogatory information on Joe Biden's Ukraine dealings. Derkach has released what American officials call selectively edited audiotapes of Biden conversations with Ukrainian officials, at least one of which was retweeted by the president.

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