Nancy Pelosi: It's Possible Tump Can Be Indicted


Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not believe indictment of a sitting president is a settled matter.

Breaking with Justice Department guidance that says a sitting president cannot be indicted, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told NBC’s Today anchor Savannah Guthrie there has been no conclusion reached on the matter.

According to Axios, Guthrie asked Pelosi during an interview: "Do you believe the special counsel should honor and observe the Department of Justice guidance that states a sitting president cannot be indicted?"

Pelosi replied, according to an excerpt from NBC: "No, I mean I don't think — I do not think that that is conclusive. No, I do not." With that response, she becomes the highest ranking official to suggest President Trump could be indicted while in office.

The California Democrat has previously said she is in no hurry to impeach President Donald Trump, but with control of the House beginning Thursday, Democrats “plan to be aggressive on both an investigations/oversight track and a legislative track, writes Chris Krueger of Cowen Washington Research Group.”

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