NAACP: Brutal Beating In Iowa Should Be Investigated As A Hate Crime

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Sarah Shaiman

The assailants accused DarQuan Jones of burglary when he was waiting at his girlfriend’s house in Des Moine.

The Des Moine chapter of the NAACP is calling for the brutal beating of a Black man to be prosecuted as a hate crime, according to an NBC News report

  • DarQuan Jones, 22, was waiting outside his girlfriend’s house at 3AM when he was attacked by two white men who had accused him of burglary.
  • He suffered a broken arm and a broken nose, with five additional broken bones in his face.
  • The assailants reportedly used racial slurs while attacking Jones. 
  • Two women heard the noise and came outside, allowing Jones to escape and call the police
  • The men caught up with Jones and shoved his head into the creek. 

Jones said, “Why did it have to go this far, to where my life was almost taken?” He believes the men were drunk or high on drugs when the assault took place. 

“If this is as the victim says it is, and the witnesses are reporting it as, it should be investigated as nothing less than a hate crime,” said Kameron Middlebrooks, the president of the Des Moine NAACP.

The Des Moine police spokesperson Sgt. Paul Parizek said that the “racist nature of at least one of the attackers is obvious.” However, detectives are still gathering evidence to determine the motive. 

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