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India’s has over 246,000 infections and 7,000 deaths, despite implementing lockdown measures for over a month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mumbai’s dense population puts the city at further risk of spreading the disease. There are 80,000 people per livable square mile of land in the city. This dwarfs the population density of New York, which has 28,000 people per livable square mile of land. The fast spread is evident by the fact that within one month of lockdown being implemented on March 25th, Mumbai’s case tally grew from 100 cases to over 5,000 cases.

Resources to fight the pandemic are dwindling. An app has been designed to help sick individuals find hospital beds. The city government has relied on private hospitals, allotting 80% of their beds to coronavirus patients. Additionally, 10% of hospital beds have been reserved for healthcare workers as they have become sick treating patients.

“There are patients that are going to die. Unfortunately, we don’t have places to shift them,” said Dr. Baid, president of the Association of Medical Consultants in Mumbai. “The family members of dead patients are also in quarantine and there is no one to take the bodies.”

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