Mueller Report: Erik Prince Funded Effort To Obtain Hillary’s Emails

Screengrab / MSNBC / Youtube

Prince had previously testified to Congress that he had only small part in Trump's campaign.

The founder of private military company Blackwater, also known as Xe Services and Academi, Erik Prince has financial ties to efforts related to verifying that a cache of private emails were really from 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her private email server, The Hill reports.

The 448-page report from special counsel Robert Mueller released Thursday details how Prince was contacted by Barbara Ledeen, one of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley's aides, and consented to pay to hire an expert to confirm that the emails came from Clinton's email server, the major subject of a 2016 FBI probe.

A section of the Mueller report reads, "Ledeen claimed to have obtained a trove of emails (from what she described as the 'dark web') that purported to be the deleted Clinton emails. Ledeen wanted to authenticate the emails and solicited contributions to fund that effort. Erik Prince provided funding to hire a tech advisor to ascertain the authenticity of the emails.”

The report continues, "According to Prince, the tech advisor determined that the emails were not authentic.”

Prince served as an advisor for Trump during his 2016 campaign. Last month, he admitted to have had a role at an important gathering at Trump Tower in the 2016 campaign. Businessman George Nader told top campaign officials at the meeting that both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates expressed interest in bolstering Trump's fight for the Oval Office.

Prince, also brother of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, told Congress previously under oath that he played only an "unofficial" role in the Trump campaign. He told lawmakers that his duties were limited to placing signs in yards and attending fundraisers, but he told Al Jazeera in March that he had conversations about Iran policy with top campaign members.

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