Mueller: Paul Manafort Briefed Russian Intelligence On U.S. Battleground States

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Trump's campaign ended up winning all of the battleground states about which Manafort shared sensitive information.

The newly released report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller alleges that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort told Konstantin Kilmnik, who supposedly has close ties to Russian intelligence agencies, about confidential election information in swing states including Pennsylvania, Minnesosta, Wisconsin, and Michigan during the 2016 election, Newsweek reports.

The 448-page report released Thursday details the conclusions of Mueller's two-year investigation into allegations of collusion and conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. An important subject of inquiry was Manafort's ties to Ukranian and Russian oligarchs in past business endeavors and how he interacted with these figures during the Trump campaign.

The report describes Manafort's instruction for his longtime colleague and former political consultant Rick Gates to give Kilimnik confidential Trump campaign polling information and strategic briefings. Manafort and Kilimnik had worked together for years on Ukranian political campaigns. The FBI determined that the Kilimnik still has connections to Russian intelligence agencies.

According to the Mueller report, Manafort anticipated that Kilimnik would share the Trump campaign information with other Ukranians and would also contact Oleg Deripaska, the Russian aluminum oligarch that is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Though the investigation did not determine the precise contents of Manafort's briefings with foreign entities, it notes that he discussed key "battleground" states, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Trump eventually won by a narrow margin.

Many analysts agree that his victories in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were what paved Trump's way to the Oval Office.

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