Mueller Lacked Confidence To Clear Trump Of Obstruction Of Justice

Screengrab / MSNBC / Youtube

Trump's actions throughout the course of the investigation were questionable in nature and in legality.

Robert Mueller's exhaustive 448-page report detailed President Donald Trump's attempts to interfere with the special counsel's investigation into Russian election interference and told Congress that there were at least 10 incidences of potential obstruction of justice, Bloomberg reports.

“We concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice," he said in the report sent to Congress and released publicly on Thursday.

Although the special counsel's team didn't discover an "underlying crime" committed by Trump in regards to Russian influence during the election, Mueller said that possible obstructive acts include “discouragement of cooperation with the government and suggestions of possible future pardons.”

Actions including the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and attempts to give Attorney General Jeff Sessions the leadership of the investigation were particularly questionable, Mueller wrote.

The report stated, “Our investigation found multiple acts by the president that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russia-interference and obstruction investigations. The president engaged in a series of targeted efforts to control the investigation.”

The issues raised in the report were at odds with Attorney General William Barr's opinions and comments at a press conference today, in which he concluded that the president had "non-corrupt motives" and cooperated completely with the investigation. Trump tweeted earlier today, "Game Over."

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