Paul Gorka’s Vitézi Rend membership is not the only indication that the Gorka family fostered connections to anti-Semitic fringe characters.

  1. Sebastian Gorka is a senior Trump adviser.
  2. Gorka previously swore allegiance to a Hungarian-nazi group and proudly wears nazi-collaborator medals from WW2.
  3. Gorka’s mother, Susan Gorka, was a translator for infamous Holocaust denier David Irving. [from the article below]
  4. Irving vehemently hates Jews. He claims that Hitler did not know the Jewish holocaust was occurring in Europe. Irving blames unrelated historical events on Jews even if it makes little or no sense given the factual context.[from the article below][The Intellectualist]

After the failed 1956 effort to overthrow the Soviet government in Hungary, Paul Gorka and his soon-to-be-wife Susan fled the country, eventually settling in England, where Sebastian was born in 1970.

Years later, Susan Gorka crossed paths with David Irving, a British author known for his anti-Semitic revisionist accounts of World War II. Irving gained international notoriety in the 1990s during an unsuccessful libel suit against a historian who had accused him of being a Holocaust denier. But he was already a controversial figure decades before the lawsuit. In 1977, he published a book called Hitler’s War, which asserted that Adolf Hitler was unaware of the Holocaust.

In the resulting book Uprising!, Irving asserts that the Hungarian revolution against the communist government was “primarily an anti-Jewish uprising” ― an assessment disputed by mainstream historians.

“The whole conclusion of the book is dead wrong,” Eva Balogh, an emeritus professor of Eastern European history at Yale University, said in an interview. Balogh, who left Hungary after the revolution, was the first to notice Susan Gorka’s work with Irving.

“I went through that revolution and I remember it pretty well, there was no sign of anti-Semitism as far as I could see it,” Balogh said. “This is a figment of [Irving’s] imagination and his prejudice.”

In the introduction to Uprising! Irving thanked Susan Gorka as one of four interpreters who made the book possible. He also listed two interviews in London with Paul Gorka in 1974 and 1978 in the section on sourcing.