Mother Claims Teachers Harass Her Children For Not Being Christian

Heather Estes said teachers have told her son things such as "atheists will be eaten by bears."

A Kentucky mother of two has been struggling to get her children's elementary school to address how they are being treated as non-Christian students.

[Heather] Estes said the bullying all started when students and even teachers noticed her two kids don't attend the "upper room." Powell County Schools describe the upper room as a non-denominational, student-led Christian organization that meets every morning before school starts at Stanton Elementary, but Estes said from what her ten and eight-year-old children have told her, it is anything but inclusive.

"My children are asked every day, 'do you believe in God? Why don't you go?" Estes told LEX 18. "He's been told by teachers things like the Atheists will be eaten by bears."

Powell County superintendent Michael Tate said the district is looking into Estes' complaints.