Mother And Daughter Anti-Assad Activists Brutally Murdered In Turkey

A mother and daughter team of Anti-Assad activists were brutally murdered in Turkey according to ABC. (Halla Barakat/ Twitter)

Mother and daughter anti-Assad activists were found brutally murdered in their apartment in Istanbul, Turkey apartment. 23-year old American citizen Halla Barakat was a freelance journalist and her mother, Orouba Barakat, was a senior member of the Syrian opposition the Syrian National Coalition.

ABC News reports that both women were stabbed and beaten to death. Their families suspect that the Assad regime was behind their murders.

Turkish media reports and sources said the Barakats were strangled and stabbed to death, possibly four or five days ago, then doused in a chemical to delay decomposition. Police officials told ABC News that they are investigating but have made no arrests and have no suspects.

Other sources said the Assad regime is a prime suspect in the killings of the Barakat women. The FBI has legal jurisdiction to open a case and investigate the killing or kidnapping of American citizens overseas. Officials at the Bureau, however, declined to comment on the death of Halla Barakat on Friday.