Morning Joe: Trump And GOP Rushed Amy Barrett Confirmation To Steal Election


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called on Justice Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself from election-related cases.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough agreed with panelist John Heilemann that President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in the Senate rushed to install newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett in order to rule in their favor on election challenges.

  • “I think in these closing days it’s easy for us all to forget that they would start to treat this like a normal campaign with a normal president who treats the process with respect,” Heilemann said, according to RawStory.
  • He added: “This is a president who has telegraphed his desire to try to steal this election for the last six months, and now as we’re starting to see these long lines, these various questions about the Supreme Court intervening in the Wisconsin case, the court fights happening, particularly in those three Great Lakes, Midwest states.”
  • Scarborough agreed, saying this is why Republicans pushed so hard to put Barrett on the court before Election Day.

“The president’s team has said they just want to keep the states close enough so they can have legal challenges and they can take to the Supreme Court,” Scarborough said, “and now, of course, Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, and Donald Trump bragged to his crowds even before he named her that he was going rush through a pick so he could have somebody that would help him win his election fights — which, of course, if she doesn’t remove herself from those cases, then, of course, that would forever tarnish her legacy at the Supreme Court.”

  • Scarborough added: “Let me say that again. When the president and [Sen.] Ted Cruz both say we need to get somebody on the Supreme Court to rule in our favor for any election challenges and then that person is output on the Supreme Court, select and put on the Supreme Court, after that, obviously you volunteer to remove yourself from consideration of that case or you undermine your credibility.”



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