More Than 100 GOP Lawmakers Have Visited Trump Properties, 50 During Impeachment

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Thirty-five senators who will help determine President Trump's fate have visited or spent money at his properties.

Since President Donald Trump took office, more than 100 members of Congress have visited at least one of his properties, according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — including 50 lawmakers who have done so as Trump’s impeachment continues to unfold.

The government watchdog group noted that “Congress is charged with providing unbiased checks and balances on the president, including President Trump’s conflicts of interest related to his businesses,” but many lawmakers “have chosen to forgo these responsibilities while enjoying the political benefits that visiting and spending money at Trump properties provides.”

According to CREW’s database, “115 individual members of Congress have made 256 visits to Trump properties since he was elected,” and “more than one-third of the Republicans currently serving in Congress have visited a Trump property.”

Of those visits, 122 were to attend political fundraisers or special interest group events, which is a new development since Trump took office. Prior to Trump’s political ascension, his properties saw little in the way of political spending, according to CREW.

Now? Trump’s “hotels and resorts have become centers of the Republican fundraising apparatus,” hosting at least 71 political fundraisers — at least 25 of which Trump himself has attended.

Of the 35 senators who have visited a Trump property, only one is a Democrat — Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

CREW also listed the top 12 members of Congress to visit Trump properties, along with the number of visits they have made:

  1. Sen. Lindsey Graham — 18 visits
  2. Rep. Kevin McCarthy — 12 visits
  3. Sen. Rand Paul — 11 visits
  4. Rep. Mark Meadows — 10 visits
  5. Rep. Dan Crenshaw — 7 visits
  6. Rep. Jim Jordan — 6 visits
  7. Rep. Brian Mast — 6 visits
  8. Rep. Steve Scalise — 6 visits
  9. Rep. Lee Zeldin — 6 visits
  10. Rep. Matt Gaetz — 5 visits
  11. Sen. Mitch McConnell — 5 visits
  12. Sen. David Perdue — 5 visits

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