More Potential Whistleblowers Have Come Forward To House Democrats

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour/Public Domain


More whistleblowers have approached House Democrats, though the subject of their complaints remains unknown.

The intelligence community whistleblower who has alleged President Donald Trump abused the power of his office regarding Ukraine appears to have emboldened others to come forward as well, according to The Daily Beast.

Two congressional sources told the publication that more whistleblowers have approached House Democrats as the impeachment inquiry continues, and congressional investigators are currently working to vet their complaints.

It remains unknown where in the federal government these whistleblowers work or what allegations they have made, including whether or not these new complaints are as explosive as that made by the individual who sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Previous reports have said there is a second known whistleblower, also from the intelligence community, who came forward with what is reported to be first-hand information regarding Trump’s Ukraine dealings.

“There are clearly numerous whistleblowers out there and many people who possess firsthand relevant information who could come forward, and I expect some will,” attorney Mark Zaid, who represents those two whistleblowers, told The Daily Beast.

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