Mitch McConnell Remains Wildly Unpopular With An Approval Rating Of 26 Percent

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As McConnell faces the likely impeachment of a Republican president, he also faces consistently low approval ratings.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not well-liked among Democrats in general, but he is also unpopular among his own constituents, according to recent polling.

The Kentucky Republican topped the list of the country’s ten most unpopular senators in July, according to The Hill, with a Morning Consult poll finding that 50 percent of voters in McConnell’s state disapprove of the job he is doing.

At present, Real Clear Politics shows McConnell’s average approval rating across numerous polls to stand at just 26 percent.

But low approval ratings have plagued the GOP leader for some time, and the issue so far has not derailed his political career.

FiveThirtyEight noted in July that Democrats have gotten optimistic in the past about dethroning McConnell only to be disappointed come election time — and there is good reason to believe it will happen again.

Still, we live in interesting times with a tumultuous political landscape — one that McConnell appears to struggle navigating himself.

As the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump continues full-swing in the House, McConnell is walking a fine line of support for the Republican president while some in his party grow increasingly concerned.

McConnell has made it known that if Democrats vote to impeach the president, he wants the Senate trial wrapped up by Christmas.

The Senate leader “views it as his role to protect a president of his own party from impeachment,” The New York Times reported on Friday, noting that “in a recent fund-raising video, he vowed to stop it.”

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Moscow Bitch got to go! He has never not even once put the country and the people as a priority! It is always the interests groups, the rich , the corporations and the ones who buy him. Not for minimum wage increase even when the economy is doing well. Now he wants to come after SS # and medicare and Medicaid ignoring the fact that SS has nothing to do with the budget and the deficit! All that after he just gave $1.5 trillions Tax cut to the people who absolutely don’t need it and while at it Pinocchio levies a tax on the poor in the form of tariffs. So anyone Who still want to vote this corrupt prick into office again better know what you put your name too.


Wow! the last time I checked he was at 34% This is so great.

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