Mitch McConnell: I See No Reason Yet For Legislation To Protect Mueller

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn't believe that President Trump will fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Despite the rise in President Donald Trump’s fury with the special counsel investigation after FBI agents conducted a raid on his personal attorney’s office and home, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is holding steadfast to the belief that Robert Mueller does not require protection from firing.

His argument? The president wouldn’t fire the special counsel.

McConnell has made similar comments in the past, but his Tuesday remarks were notable coming less than 24 hours after news broke of an FBI raid at the office of Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The raid was made after a referral by Mueller, which led Trump on Monday to note that "many people" had said he should fire the special counsel.

Still, McConnell does not believe legislation to protect the investigation is necessary:

"I haven't seen a clear indication yet that we needed to pass something to keep him from being removed because I don't think that's going to happen, and that remains my view," McConnell told reporters.

The GOP leader, asked what the Senate would do if Trump fired the special counsel, declined to speculate.

"It's still my view that Mueller should be allowed to finish his job. I think that's the view of most people in Congress," he said.

McConnell skirted a question as to whether he had received assurance from the White House that Trump would not attempt to fire Mueller, opting only to repeat that Mueller “shouldn’t be removed” and “should be allowed to finish his job.”