Mitch McConnell Calls Democratic Oversight Of Trump WH “Harassment”

Screengrab/Brendan Swire/YouTube


The Senate majority leader said Republicans tried "presidential harassment" with Bill Clinton and it backfired.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said during a press conference Wednesday that Democrats’ attempts to exercise congressional oversight after gaining control of the House would constitute “presidential harassment”, cautioning the strategy could end up backfiring.

Via RawStory:

> Asked by a reporter “is there anything the Senate Republicans could or would do to help President Trump in the event that Democrats in the House attempt to seize his tax returns,” McConnell smirked.


> “The whole issue of presidential harassment is interesting,” McConnell replied. “I remember when we tried it in the late ’90s. We impeached President Clinton: his numbers went up and ours went down.” He used the term a second time, saying that Democrats “will have to decide how much presidential harassment they think is good strategy.”

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