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The St. Louis Post Dispatch editorial board wrote on Sunday that former President Donald Trump “and his army of mythmakers, including Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, have so twisted the concept of truth and logic that they endanger the survival of American democracy.”

“Those who still allow themselves to be guided by facts find themselves stifled by local Trumpist loudmouths,” the board continued. “And what’s more terrifying than mobs whose members, known to amass guns, descend on Washington stating a willingness to go to war to defend a lie?”

Newsweek noted that the Post Dispatch “has the largest circulation in the city's metropolitan area and is the most widely read local paper in the state.”

The outlet also noted that Hawley “has been accused of inciting the riots that took place in Washington, D.C. on January 6.”

Hawley was the first senator to object to the certification of Joe Biden's victory and raised a fist in solidarity with Trump supporters outside the Capitol, before some stormed the building in violent scenes that led to the deaths of five people.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial argues that while President Trump may have left the White House, his legacy on American politics and the public's relationship with truth will take longer to rectify.

"He leaves a following of millions who reject verifiable facts and logic in order to keep Trump's lies alive," the newspaper writes. "Because so many of his followers also own guns and have demonstrated a willingness to attack disbelievers and derail democracy, a dark future awaits America unless something miraculous happens to make them come to their senses."

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