Missouri officials: Hairstylist with COVID-19 serviced nearly 100 clients

Artivia Tahir

A hairstylist in Missouri exposes nearly 100 people to Covid-19 when she continued to work while exhibiting symptoms

A hairstylist in Missouri is discovered to have exposed close to 100 people to Covid-19 after continuing to work at a Great Clips salon despite displaying symptoms of the virus, according to a report by The Hill.

  • The Kansas City Star reported that the woman serviced 84 clients and exposed seven other employees at the salon, according to the Springfield-Greene County Health Department on Friday
  • Though other states have kept salons and other close-contact businesses closed, Missouri was among the first to open up, clearing salons for reopening on May 4th.
  • The Great Clips franchise owners told McClatchy News that the salon would be sanitized and cleaned under the county health department's guidelines and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines, according to the report.

Springfield-Greene County Health Department Director Clay Goddard acknowledged the salon's quick and proactive response but said more accidental exposures could not continue to happen. "We can't make this a regular habit or our capability as a community will be strained and we will have to re-evaluate what things look like going forward," Goddard said. "Each of us owns just how this will go forward in our community."

As more businesses reopen in order to restart the economy, all necessary precautions must be adopted to avoid a much larger second wave of the pandemic.

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Did she actually have the virus? Or is this another, oh my, l think she may have it?

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