Missouri Lawmaker Says Most Rapes That He's Investigated Are "Consensual" Rapes

William James

Representative Barry Hovis claims that most rapes that he investigated were "consensual rapes"

Representative Barry Hovis (R-Cape Girardeau) a Missouri lawmaker and former police officer, claims that most rapes that he investigated were "consensual" (click link for video) rapes, a term that makes no sense.

Rape can never be "consensual", because legal sexual intimacy requires consent as one of its basic elements.

"Most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes, which were all terrible, but I'd sit in court when juries would struggle with those situations, where it was a 'he-said-she-said,' which was unfortunate if it really happened."

Hovis said this as Missouri passed a strict abortion ban that bars exceptions for incest and rape, according to CNN.

Via Kaz Weida:

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People really ought to stop listening to men when it comes to the topic of pregnancy.


What does"consensual rape" mean? If a man puts the business end of his handgun to a lady's head and says, "Do you consent to me sticking my penis into your vagina?", before he stick it in is this consent?

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