Missouri Is Mandating State-Sanctioned Pelvic Exams For Women Seeking Abortions

Photo Credit Paul Sableman

A new Missouri regulation requires unnecessary pelvic exams before all abortion procedures.

In one of the last clinics performing abortions in Missouri, a new regulation forces doctors to perform a pelvic exam on all patients before an abortion, according to The Kansas City Star.

Amy Addante, a St. Louis ob-gyn, tweeted, “Today, I was forced by the state of Missouri to perform an unnecessary pelvic exam on a patient terminating her pregnancy for a fetal anomaly. She is heartbroken over her situation, and I was forced to do an invasive, uncomfortable exam. It broke me as a physician to do this to her.”

Doctors are calling the exam pervasive and unnecessary. One commentator called the examinations “state-sanctioned sexual assaults."

This regulation follows a ban by the state of Missouri on all abortions performed after the eighth week of pregnany. The State of Missouri has accused the last Planned Parenthood clinic of being unsafe and performing failed surgical abortions. The state health department claims that the “information learned from the pelvic exams [will] increase the safety of the procedure.”

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