Missouri Gov. Blames ‘Liberal Media’ Following His 2nd Felony Indictment

Screengrab/CBS News/YouTube

Gov. Eric Greitens now faces a second charge of felony computer tampering.

After Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was charged with a second felony last week, the Republican told a crowd of supporters that he is being attacked by the “liberal media and their allies” but remains confident he will clear his name.

In a 15-minute speech to about 150 gathered for the Texas County Lincoln Day dinner, the embattled Republican said nothing of the scandal that has engulfed his administration and threatens to bring gridlock to the Capitiol.

Instead, he delivered a campaign-style speech that drew warm applause for the attendees.

“No matter what they throw at me … I want you to know that when I look to my left, I see you. And when I look to my right, I see our friends, families neighbors and communities. We’re moving forward,” Greitens said.

The day before the gathering, Greitens was charged with felony computer tampering, having used a donor list from his charity, The Mission Continues, to help populate a donor list for his 2016 gubernatorial campaign.

“We have been viciously attacked by the liberal media and their allies,” Greitens said.

But, he said, “The good news in Missouri is that with the Republicans in charge, we’re delivering on our promise to bring more jobs and higher pay to the people of Missouri.”

Greitens’ also faces an earlier felony charge of invasion of privacy stemming from an alleged incident with his former mistress.

The woman accused Greitens of photographing her while she was bound and blindfolded, and then threatening to go public with the photo if she spoke of the affair.