Missing Cat From Florida Found 8 Years Later In Ohio

Screengrab / 10News WTSP / Youtube

Barley the cat traveled 1,100 miles over nearly a decade before a shelter found her and contacted her family.

A cat from Florida who went missing eight years ago was recently found in Ohio, West Palm Beach TV reports.

According to a Facebook post by Angels for Animals, the animal shelter that identified the cat in Canfield, Ohio, Barley's family found her 10 years ago in a Tampa Bay dumpster. Two years after the family rescued the 6-week-old kitten, Barley and her brother Spike ran outside as the family moved to another home and were never seen again.

Over the next eight years, Barley traveled 1,100 miles to Ohio. Angels for Animals brought Barley in last week, thinking she was a stray cat—until staff members discovered she had a microchip. The shelter was able to contact her owners last Wednesday and are now working to figure out how to reunite Barley with her family.

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