Milwaukee Police Chief Claims His Officers Are Being “Crucified"

Artivia Tahir

Milwaukee Police Chief compares his police officers to Jesus, claiming they're being "crucified"

The chief of the Milwaukee Police Department compared his police officers to Jesus in a press conference on Friday, according to WISN-TV.

Alfonso Morales was speaking in reference to the sentiment towards police officers amid worldwide protests in reaction to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man at the hands of a police officer.

  • Morales said during the briefing:

“Two thousand years ago, an angry mob came before people to say crucify that man. That man, being Jesus Christ.”

  • When asked to clarify who was being crucified, Morales responded:

“Law enforcement throughout our nation. Law enforcement is being crucified.”

Morales’ comments came during a “news conference announcing federal charges against a man police said they witnessed throw a Molotov cocktail into a Boost Mobile Sunday night during the weekend's unrest.”

The police chief “has previously denounced Chauvin's actions, but said police officers are being targeted during protests and unrest.”

Amid criticism for the comparison, the spokesperson for the Milwaukee police department defended the statement in an email.

  • “Chief Morales simply compared the mob-like mentality seen throughout the past eight days, to the mobs that were present during early-civilization when Jesus Christ was alive. At no point did Chief Morales compare the death of Jesus Christ to the attacks on MPD officers,” said Sgt. Sheronda Grant.

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Cops are the Roman troops. Their purpose is to keep the poor in line till it's time for capitalism to murder them at a profit

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