Millennials, Already Worse Off Than Their Parents, To Face Brunt Of Automation

Pxhere / Public Domain

Generally speaking, Millennials makes less than previous generation. They're also more in debt due to student loans.

Millennials, who face an increasingly difficult economic landscape, are about to face another challenge: robots. The introduction of automatons will take away jobs faster than the economy can provide new ones, according to Axios.

Millennials, who generally make less than previous generations, are dealing with increasing debt from student loans as well.

The minimum wage jobs that are now being taken over by automatons are the ones that millennials, aged 23-28, are often taking. More, technology and globalization have reduced middle-wage jobs.

More, millennials are dealing with repercussions from the spending excesses of baby boomers. These tensions are likely to have political repercussions in the coming years.

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