Military Expert: Trump’s Civil War Warning Was ‘Terribly Irresponsible’


Professor David Burbach said Trump’s words are "inflammatory” and display "dangerous rhetoric for a President."

President Donald Trump’s Sunday tweets quoting an evangelical pastor who warned of a “Civil War like fracture” if Democrats impeach were “a terribly irresponsible thing” for a president to say, according to David Burbach.

Newsweek reported that Burbach, an associate professor at the US Naval War College who specializes in civil-military relations, international relations, national security and the politics of U.S. foreign policy, slammed Trump’s promotion of Pastor Robert Jeffress’ quote.

In the quote, Jeffress warned that the United States would “never heal” from the impeachment of Trump.

Trump also attacked Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in several tweets over the weekend, saying he wants the lawmaker “questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason” over remarks the Democrat made about the whistleblower complaint.

Burbach responded to those tweets as well, writing on Twitter: "You can not brush it off as 'he just talks that way’. This is a real head of state with great legal authority in charge of US Marshalls and FBI agents and an awesome military machine. This. Is. For. Real."

The professor told Newsweek that Trump’s words are "inflammatory,” display "dangerous rhetoric for a President,” and could lead to violence against the whistleblower.

"This is chilling to any federal employee—and likely meant to be chilling," said Burbach. "Trump hinting, even obliquely, that violence would result if Congress lawfully impeaches and convicts him is grossly inappropriate for the head of state—but it is consistent with Rudy Guiliani tweeting earlier that "domestic tranquility" will not be maintained if the Democrats move forward with impeachment."

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