Mike Pence: The FBI Has To Be Held Accountable For Spying On Me

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Trump and Pence would like you to believe that there was no legitimate reason for the FBI to surveil their campaign.

On Fox News, Vice President Mike Pence talks with Sandra Smith about the alleged spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign. She begins the conversation by asking about the “New York Times report on the FBI having sent an investigator posing as an assistant to spy” on the Trump campaign.

Pence calls the report “very troubling.” Pence points out that the Mueller report found no collusion after 2 years of investigations and the “full cooperation” of the administration. “No collusion, no obstruction. It’s done,” Pence said.

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of how all this started,” Pence continued. Pence says that there was spying, and we need to understand why it happened.

“The people that were responsible need to be held accountable,” he said.

Watch the video here.

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Why is it so many people who are so deserving of being punched in the face never get it?


Ivanka for VP 2020


Pence hasn't mentioned that when he was governor of Indiana he used his private email account (an AOL email account no less) to conduct state business. And unlike Hillary's email account, Pence's email account WAS actually HACKED, allowing the hacker[s] access to private state business. Some of that state business involved the FBI arrests of terrorists in Indiana, so Pence's email faux pas actually DID allow the leak of national security information. One wonders why Pence doesn't turn himself in to the authorities and demand a thorough investigation to determine who the hacker was and if that sensitive information was disseminated to others on the terrorist watch list.


No, the DOJ has to be held accountable for lying to Congress.

What a hypocrite, what have you done to hold Russia accountable for spying on the American people and making your leader president?

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