Mike Huckabee Blames Public Schools For Hanukkah Attack In New York

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Mike Huckabee insisted that mass violence is due to public schools failing to teach students right from wrong.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee insisted on Monday morning that the mass Hanukkah attack that took place in New York over the weekend was the result of a public school system that no longer teaches children right from wrong, according to Mediaite.

Discussing the matter on Fox Business, Huckabee said that people need to stop the “blame game, because you have people saying, ‘Oh if you just get rid of guns we’d be fine’ because it was a machete used in a Hanukkah shooting.”

“It was a gun that stopped what would have been a horrifically worse murder situation in the [Texas] church, so it is not the weapons of choice — it is lack of heart it’s the lack of focus in human beings,” the Republican added, before moving on to blame schools for such attacks.

“When we have an education system that from the time these kids are tots tells them that there is nothing that is really right nor wrong, it is whatever they think it is, whatever they feel it it, whatever they believe it is, and that results in an adult becoming where they also think they don’t have to tune their lives,” Huckabee said.

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Huckabee is irrelevant. He's another Grifter. I remember him on the TV begging for cash so he could repeal the ACA. Never happened but nobody got a refund. Golly Gee I wonder where the money went.


Haha, Huckleberry in February 2011 chastised those who sought to blame institutions people’s behavior, and that the ultimate form of government began at home. He’s a dastardly hypocrite, nothing like receipts of the past! He said:

“Why does a person commit a heinous crime—use a deadly weapon to rob someone, vandalize a school, rape a woman, murder a hapless victim for twenty dollars, or steal millions from investors (perhaps including friends and relatives) in a Ponzi scheme? Are these acts caused by incomprehensible wickedness? Are these people just plain bad? No, it's really very simple. These are people who failed to grasp—or were never off ered—the simplest lessons of self-discipline, respect for others, and a strong sense of human decency. And where should those lessons be taught and learned? It's not the job of a school, a workplace, or even a church to provide these most basic of life lessons (though we shouldn't forget about them there either). And besides, even when we do rely on institutions for these lessons, they usually fail. No, these lessons cannot be taught by a teacher, boss, or minister. In order to create truly valuable and respectful citizens, these lessons need to be taught at home. By the time we enter school or start a job, we should have learned how to behave. I'm not usually a pessimist, as you probably know, but I'm afraid that if a child has not learned to behave by age four or so, he or she never will.“

Mike Huckabee’s A Simple Government Former GOP Presidential Candidate says ‘we need to return to family values’. February 21, 2011


#HuckaBeast is a raging hypocrite. He raised his kids to torture and kill innocent animals.

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