Michael Cohen: I Buried Nudes Of Jerry Falwell, Jr. Before He Endorsed Trump

Screengrab / TicToc by Bloomberg / Youtube

The Falwell family denies the alleged cover-up of nude photos.

Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, asserted that he helped bury embarrassing “personal photographs” of Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, just prior to the influential Christian evangelical backed Trump’s bid for the presidency in 2016, The Washington Post reports.

The former personal attorney to Trump made the claim in a March phone call with actor Tom Arnold, who gave a recording of the conversation to The Washington Post on Tuesday evening.

“There’s a bunch of photographs — you know, personal photographs — that somehow, the guy ended up getting,” Cohen said in the recording. The individual with the photos was not identified, but Cohen threatened legal action after the person threatened to blackmail the Falwells.

An attorney for the Falwells released a statement calling Cohen’s account “not accurate.”

“While the Falwells have a long-standing friendship with Michael Cohen, they never engaged or paid Cohen to represent them in any legal or other professional capacity, and Cohen did not ever resolve any legal matter on their behalf,” the statement said.

The lawyer, who wished not to be named, continued in a follow-up text message that “there are no compromising or embarrassing photos of Falwell, period!”

Cohen said that the images were “photos between husband, wife, and the whole bit.”

“I actually have one of the photos,” he added. “It’s terrible.”

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