Michael Cohen “Expects To Be Arrested Any Day Now”


Michael Cohen reportedly told friends he believes he will be arrested soon.

According to Vanity Fair, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney and longtime fixer Michael Cohen has told friends he believes he will be arrested any day now.


A Vanity Fair article also quoted an ex-White House official saying that "Trump should be super worried about Michael Cohen" deciding to cooperate with federal prosecutors against the president.

"If anyone can blow up Trump, it's him," the source told Vanity Fair about Cohen, who is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in New York City.

Though Cohen told the publication via text message that its source is wrong, the report comes as a deadline for both Cohen and Trump to file objections regarding files that were seized when FBI agents raided the attorney's home and office in April.

Prosecutors are looking at Cohen's business dealings, as well as his having paid porn star Daniels $130,000 on the eve of the 2016 presidential election in exchange for what she has said was her silence about an alleged affair she had with Trump.

An independent judge tasked with checking the seized documents for attorney-client privilege flagged just 14 of 639 files as off limits to prosecutors.

As the deadline passed, lawyers for neither Cohen nor Trump took action on the matter.

A lawyer unconnected to the case speculated that "the facts they would have had to disclose to make those arguments were so devastating that they chose to forego the opportunity to prevent the documents from being turned over to prosecutors."

"They may have wanted to argue that the Special Master's ruling against them on the privilege issue on three specific documents was incorrect because she improperly held that the crime-fraud exception applied to those documents," the lawyer said.

The fact that they did nothing is telling, according to the lawyer:

In order to make that argument, however, they would have had to disclose information about the underlying crime and why the crime-fraud exception didn't apply," the lawyer said. "And that was a disclosure they didn't want to make public."

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