Michael Bloomberg: Trump Is A “Pretend CEO” And “Totally Incompetent”

“It’s like the government version of a bad horror movie." —Michael Bloomberg

On Friday, Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg described President Trump as “totally incompetent” and as “a person who should not be president of the United States.” According to NYPost, Bloomberg told this to the Democratic Business Council in Virginia. Although Bloomberg announced that he would not make a final decision about a presidential bid until early February, he continued to describe why the President was not fit to run the country.

“He’s in way over his head. He is a real estate promoter who’s never run a large organization before, just a small family office. He inherited his money. He lost big on a bunch of bad bets, which his father bailed him out of again and again. And almost every deal he ever made, he left his customers and contractors holding the bag.” -Michael Bloomberg