Michael Bloomberg Owns A New York Condo At A Trump Property


Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg bought a condo in a Trump-owned property in 2000 for $3.8 million.

Mike Bloomberg, the 2020 Demoratic candidate who is using his personal fortune to attempt to defeat President Donald Trump, owns a condo in a Trump-owned property, according to CNBC.

As Bloomberg was preparing for his first run for mayor of New York in late 2000, the billionaire bought a unit in one of the Trump Organization’s developments for $3.8 million.

Bloomberg entered the 2020 Democratic race in November and argued that he was the most equipped for competing with and beating Trump on Election Day. 

Since Bloomberg announced his campaign, Trump has been berating the former mayor on Twitter. After his poor showing in the Democratic primary debate in Nevada on Wednesday, Trump continued his attacks. 

“Mini Mike Bloomberg’s debate performance tonight was perhaps the worst in the history of debates, and there have been some really bad ones,” Trump tweeted. “He was stumbling, bumbling and grossly incompetent. If this doesn’t knock him out of the race, nothing will. Not so easy to do what I did!”

Bloomberg spent more than $400 million of his own personal fortune on campaign ads, which launched him into third place among the Democratic candidates for president, with about 16 percent of support. 

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