Michael Avenatti: The Odds Of Michael Cohen Being Indicted Are Near 100%


Stormy Daniels' lawyer says "the writing is on the wall" for Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and possibly Trump himself.

The attorney for Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) said Friday he believes the likelihood that President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen will be charged in relation to campaign finance violations is "very, very close to 100 percent".

Michael Avenatti speaking with Vanity Fair:

"The writing is on the wall. There's going to be some very, very serious consequences that are going to result from the conduct that Mr. Cohen -- surrounding this $130,000 payment and the subsequent cover-up. And I am highly confident that ultimately that's going to reach the doorsteps of the White House.

I think the likelihood of Michael Cohen being charged by the time the summer is over is very, very close to 100 percent."

Watch the interview here (begins at 18:00).