Member of Republican National Committee Resigns Over Roy Moore


The RNC recently began funding Roy Moore again despite credible accusations of child molestation against him.

Republican National Committee member Joyce Simmons of Nebraska resigned from the RNC on December 8, acknowledging in a statement on Monday that her decision was inspired by the RNC's decision to support Alabama candidate Roy Moore in spite of the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him.

“I strongly disagree with the recent RNC financial support directed to the Alabama Republican Party for use in the Roy Moore race,” Simmons said in a statement.

“There is much I could say about the situation but I will defer to this weekend’s comments by Senator Shelby. I will miss so many of you that I knew well; and I wish I could have continued my service to the national Republican Party that I used to know well.”

The RNC had previously pulled support from the Moore campaign after allegations of past sexual improprieties with teenage girls, but the funding was reinstated following an official endorsement from President Trump.