Melania Pulls Hand Away From Trump In Awkward LSU-Clemson Football Game Moment


Melania Trump appeared to rebuff President Trump's public display of affection on the football field yesterday.

The First Lady appeared to snatch her hand away from President Donald Trump during January’s LSU-Clemson football game while the couple was standing on the field before cameras, according to RawStory.

Video of the incident made the rounds on Twitter, with countless social media users noting that this is not the first time Trump’s public display of affection was rebuffed by Melania.

Prior to the football games start, Trump and Melania “strolled onto the field and stood at attention as the National Anthem was played,” RawStory reported, and after Trump took her hand, “she pulled it away, leaving him to adjust his jacket and smile as she stood stone-faced.”

The pair later held hands again as they exited the field.


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She appears to have an aversion to tiny cold clammy hands.

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