Melania Has Redecorated The WH, But Not Everyone Is Loving Her Changes


One Twitter user likened the first lady's choice in decor to a "Russian palace."

Ahead of the upcoming state visit by Australia’s prime minister, Melania Trump has overseen the redecorating of a handful of White House rooms, according to The Associated Press — but social media users are not so pleased with her handiwork.

The first lady has “refreshed wall fabric in the Red Room, repurposed draperies in the Green Room and restored furniture in the Blue Room,” the AP reported, and Mrs. Trump “ designed a new rug for the Diplomatic Reception Room, the main entrance off the South Lawn.”

White House renovations are carefully coordinated between the first lady and the Committee for the Preservation of the White House, with financing for the projects assisted by the White House Historical Association.

And while it is common for first ladies to oversee — and leave their personal mark on — renovations and redecorating at the White House, the changes made under this particular first lady did not sit well with many people.

Social media was flooded with criticism, along with some praise, after the work’s completion was announced.

According to Newsweek, Peoria Journal Star columnist Phil Luciano took issue with Mrs. Trump’s work on the White House bowling alley, writing, "Imagine my disappointment when I peered at photos of the first lady's handiwork with the interior of the White House bowling alley. It looks like it belongs in a Chuck E. Cheese. There's no grit or character, just ... yellowness."

On Twitter, user @CelesteMRice wrote: "Omg nothing new about each president giving makeovers to the White House but this is ugly.”

Another user likened the decor to a “Russian palace.”

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Tacky AF ... just like her.


I wish the snarky people would just lay off the First Lady. My gosh that woman can do no right all because of who her husband is. If she had been married to anyone other than Donald Trump all the haters would be changing their toon. I dislike what our society has become. Shame!

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