Meghan McCain Writes Op-Ed “On The Need To Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions”

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Meghan McCain and Sen. Ben Sasse wrote that Democrats support the "extremist abortion industry."

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Meghan McCain and Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), who call themselves “unapologetic pro-lifers,” say that Democratic politicians are not willing to protect the lives of babies who survive attempted abortions.

“Infanticide isn’t complicated,” they say. “The current debate is about whether or not it’s OK to deprive newborns of appropriate medical care.”

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently lit up One World Trade Center in pink, celebrating both “late-term abortions and the removal of protections for babies born alive during botched abortions.” McCain and Sasse say that Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam “endorsed infanticide outright” when he suggested that a baby who survived abortion should be “made comfortable” and then “left to die on the table.”

44 Democrats voted to reject the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have required babies who survived abortion to be given the same care as any other baby. Sasse and McCain are proponents of the bill, arguing that it should be neither controversial nor partisan.

Most Americans oppose the withholding of medical care from a viable infant, and 77% of those polled consider themselves pro-choice. Sasse and McCain point to this phenomenon as an opportunity for common ground between the pro-life and pro-choice groups.

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This a poor piece of "journalism". No one is leaving "babies" to die. "Babies" born with severe genetic abnormalies such as anencephaly--missing parts of the brain or a brain stem, and who will not survive within hours of post birth, are given either palliative or perinatal hospice care, according to the wishes of the parents. Babies are not left to "die on the table"--it's fear mongering, and you are helping to spread this nonsense.

Re: "born-alive myth": Several years ago, the House Judiciary Committee demanded information on criminal activity related to abortion from the Attorney Generals of all 50 states, because they were convinced that there were Kermit Gosnell types 'murdering infants' in clinics across the country that needed to be rooted out.

Replies, such as this from Kirk Torgensen, in the Utah Attorney General's Office, stated no wrongdoing had been found:

"We did not find any cases in which a person was prosecuted for the deliberate killing of a newborn who was delivered alive in the process of an abortion. Similarly, prosecutors did not indicate that they had prosecuted any cases because a woman died or suffered serious complications as a result of an abortion. Finally, we did not find any cases in which a person was prosecuted for performing abortions after the statutory period."

All replies to the Judiciary Committee demonstrated that abortion procedures were HIGHLY REGULATED and safe, and that most abortions occurred before 12 weeks.

Also note--our major mainstream medical associations support safe legal access to abortion.


Everything you just said is 100% truth. But Trump supporters won't believe it. They will continue to call Democrats, as if Democrats are the only ones to ever have an abortion, baby killers. Trump actually told them the Democrats wanted to kill babies the second after they were born. He thinks late-term abortion means being able to abort a baby up until the due date, when late-term actually means someone who's pregnant between 20 and 24 weeks. In the scariest part about this is that his supporters believe him without even checking the facts.