Meghan McCain Defends Betsy DeVos, Calling Her Wealth “Admirable”

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The DeVos fortune was created by Amway, a business allegedly based on pyramid schemes.

According to Raw Story, The View co-host Meghan McCain aggressively defended Betsey DeVos after Joy BeHar began discussing the wealth of the Education Department secretary in conjunction with a conversation about Trump’s defunding of the Special Olympics.

Trump denied supporting the proposed budget cuts for the Special Olympics, while at the same time DeVos spent three days defending the cuts. Behar said that measure revealed a lot about the administration.

“This shows you though what this administration is all about, right there it shows you,” Behar said. “To the point that she’s working for him when she’s so rich and has 10 yachts, have you seen the pictures? She’s really rich — really rich. Rhymes with rich, huh?”

“I don’t think her wealth should be held against her in this situation,” McCain said. “I actually think it’s admirable when people are extremely wealthy and decide to go into service.”

McCain continued that the Education secretary did seem to lack the correct experience for her position, but said it should not matter if she appears to have empathy.

“I don’t think it was about her heart in this situation,” McCain said. “I think it was about the idea that where we should make cuts on programming, and that was her argument, which we all agreed yesterday was ill-advised, and the amount of money was, I believe $15 million, which is four trips to Mar-A-Lago. If we can just again extract emotion from some of these conversations and stick with facts instead of doing character assassinations on people, I think it’s more effective.”

Ana Navarro, another co-host, said that she couldn’t keep her emotions separate from political discussions. McCain said that she could.

“I don’t like her, I don’t like him,” McCain said. “As everyone is very clear, I have a lot of personal feelings about the president, but for me to get through this administration, I can’t traffic in this kind of way. I have to stick with facts or I’m going to lose my mind.”

Behar reminded that facts are unimportant to a corrupt administration.

“I am better than they are,” she said, “because I hold myself to a different standard than they do, and the second I go low with this administration is the second I lose my credibility and character, and I will not do it.”

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