Megachurch Pastor, And Trump Spiritual Adviser, Arrested For Hiring Hitman

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Illinois investigators are currently looking into allegations that James MacDonald, founder of the Harvest Bible Chapel, attempted to hire a hitman to carry out a murder on his behalf, the Christian Post reports.

“A subject came in and filed a report and we are doing an investigation based on that report,” said Wilmette Deputy Police Chief Pat Collins.

Independent journalist Julie Roys first broke the news of the allegations, citing Mancow Muller, a Chicago radio personality, and Emmanuel Bucur, an HBC deacon and former volunteer bodyguard for MacDonald, as her sources for the claims.

Muller said that MacDonald asked him more than two times last year if he knew any hitmans for hire. He initially thought that MacDonald was making the inquiry in jest but recalled that a December conversation revealed MacDonald’s “really serious” intentions.

Bucur also alleged that, in 2015, MacDonald tried to get him to kill his son-in-law at the time, Tony Groves. Bucur said that he did not report the HBC founder because MacDonald was acting in defense of his daughter.

MacDonald allegedly asked Bucur to “take Tony out,” after he caught wind that Groves may have posted damaging material of his daughter Abby on pornography sites. Bucur responded, “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?”

MacDonald then insisted that Bucur, a former combat Marine, would have no problem with getting away with murder.

“Absolutely not! We’re not having this conversation and we’re not talking about this ever again,” he responded.

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