McConnell Defends Lawsuit Seeking To Nix Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions

Screengrab/Bloomberg Politics/YouTube

Mitch McConnell is not worried about the negative impact the lawsuit could have on Republican candidates this fall.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has no issue with a lawsuit attempting to undo the Affordable Care Act’s protections for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions, despite the issue posing problems for Republican candidates as the party tries to maintain control of Congress post-midterms.

Via Bloomberg News:

> “Our candidates are able to deal with it,” McConnell said regarding a barrage of Democratic ads criticizing his party’s candidates on the issue. "There’s nobody in the Senate that I’m familiar with who is not in favor of coverage of pre-existing conditions."


> The case, filed by Texas and backed by the Trump administration, contends that because Congress eliminated the tax penalty for violating the requirement that most individuals have insurance, the rest of the law including the consumer protections must be thrown out. Many legal scholars see the lawsuit as a long shot, including some conservatives who supported previous suits against Obamacare.

On Tuesday, McConnell told Bloomberg that he doesn’t see the lawsuit as a mistake and believes it is a reasonable course of action.

> "It’s no secret that we preferred to start over" to repeal and replace Obamacare, he said. That vote failed in 2017. "So no, I don’t fault the administration for trying to give us an opportunity to do this differently and to go in a different direction," the majority leader said.


> While Republicans sometimes have accused Democrats of turning to courts and executive actions when they were unable to get their way in Congress, McConnell said he didn’t see an issue with backing the lawsuit.

Not all Republican senators are on board, however: Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, chairman of the health committee, have all criticized the lawsuit.

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