McConnell Consoles Trump As He Lashes Out Against “Disloyal” GOP Senators


As Republican unity crumbles under the impeachment inquiry, Trump relies on Mitch McConnell to quell his panic.

President Trump is increasingly leaning on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling him as often as three times a day, as uncertainty and unease over his messaging approach remains high among his Republican allies, according to CNN

Trump has recently lashed out against Republican senators he sees as disloyal and has told McConnell that he will amplify attacks on the members of the GOP who criticize him, according to a person familiar with the conversations. 

McConnell, meanwhile, is tasked with preserving the Republican majority in the Senate as well as placating an erratic Trump who demands nothing short of total loyalty.

Although many Republican lawmakers and others who have previously defended the President have gone silent, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said it was “wrong and appalling” for Trump to urge Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden.

Trump responded by calling Romney a “pompous ass” and suggested that Romney himself be impeached. 

“I believe it’s a mortal threat to the presidency. He should treat it that way,” said Chris Ruddy, a personal friend of Trump’s and the CEO of Newsmax. “The number of people saying the President should be impeached is increasing. Not significantly, but moving in a bad direction for the President. I think it should be treated very seriously. 

While the Republican National Committee is currently targeting roughly 60 Democrats with a “stop the madness” campaign through paid and earned media, which include press conferences, crashing town halls, and holding demonstrations, many Senate Republicans have stayed quiet on the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

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