McConnell: Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Was The Proudest Moment Of My Career

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Mitch McConnell also said he would not rule out confirming a Supreme Court nominee in the final year of Trump's term.

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is his proudest moment as Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell said.

The Republican senator has previously said he considers blocking President Obama’s nominee in 2016 the greatest achievement of his career.

From The Hill:

"I think so," he responded when asked on "Fox News Sunday" if it is his proudest moment.

"I think the most important thing the Senate is involved in is the personnel business. The House is not in the personnel business," McConnell said.

"The most important are the lifetime appointments to the courts, and we’ve prioritized handling President Trump’s outstanding nominations for the Supreme Court," he added.

Trump has now had two Supreme Court nominees confirmed during his tenure, and McConnell has placed about two dozen circuit judges since Trump took office.

McConnell has drawn criticism from Democrats for following through on Kavanaugh's confirmation in a midterm election season after the majority leader refused to give Judge Merrick Garland a hearing during former President Obama's final year in office.

McConnell on Sunday refused to rule out pushing through a Supreme Court nomination in Trump's final year of his term if a vacancy arose.

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