Maybe this man who works for our president should take a closer look at the standard hes trying to set for us and the up coming generations. First we are getting side tracked from this billion dollar wall thats going to prevent all this to begin with. Second we are becoming a heartless nation. We let this guy Stephen Miller in he stands behind the podium and hypocriticaley spews off about the fact s of these people being retained is the right way to do it. Maybe its time to cage our politicians and their family members. Considering His family are all immigrants?

Are you serious? Miller works for Trump because Trump believes the same things. We didn't let Miller in, TRUMP did. Miller is setting the exact standard that Trump wants set.

Miller is effectively Trump's brain when it comes to immigration policy.

Miller looks like a German from WW2


Joseph Goebbels, he sounds like him

They play games with our fears. Callous