Massachusetts Police Dept. Introduce Their First Comfort Dog

PxHere / Public Domain

Luna is a four-month old black Lab trained to comfort citizens, police officers, and officials.

On Thursday, the Massachusetts police department officially introduced their first-ever comfort dog at the Framingham State police General Headquarters, the Boston Globe reports.

Luna is a four-month English black Labrador who has been bred as a comfort dog and donated to help with “post-traumatic stress decompression,” the State Police department announced in a statement.

Luna’s first assignment was last week, in which she comforted Springfield officers after a shooting, said State Police spokesperson David Procopio.

“She will eventually receive certification that will also allow him to take her out of state to assist at mass casualty incidents as needed,” Procopio said.

Luna lives with her handler, Trooper Chad Tata, and his family. She works every day to prepare for her civilian interaction certification.

“The dog will help calm in crisis, to provide aid and comfort to both sworn officers and civilians [...] until such time that the traumatized officer can be referred to other resources,” said Tata.

“The function of the comfort dog is to provide relief from stress,” Lieutenant James Massari added at the press conference. “Just the touch of a dog is supposed to calm you down, lower the blood pressure [...] it puts a calming effect on the brain.”

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