Mass. Police Officer Put On Paid Leave After Directing Racist Rant At Teenagers

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“He’s never going to forget this. He’s going to live with this for the rest of his life," said one of the boys' mother.

According to The Boston Globe, a police officer in Milton, Massachusetts, was put on paid administrative leave after she allegedly directed a racist rant at two teenagers while off duty.

Milton police confirmed Friday that the officer had been placed on leave a day earlier, but did not disclose the officer’s name or describe the allegations. The department said another police force is conducting a separate investigation, but didn’t identify the law enforcement agency.

Risa King, a lawyer from Randolph, told the Globe that her 14-year-old son provided information to police in Milton and Westwood after the officer, who is white, aimed racist criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement at him and a 14-year-old Hispanic boy who were at the officer’s Westwood home for a sleepover on Sept. 19.

  • King said her son “was only targeted because he’s Black,” adding: “He’s never going to forget this. He’s going to live with this for the rest of his life.”
  • She said the incident occurred while her son and the other boy were watching a Celtics game with the two teenage sons of the officer.
  • According to King, her son heard the officer yelling about Black Lives Matter in another area of the house, saying the movement was unfair to police, The Globe reported.

The officer then confronted the 14-year-old Hispanic boy, called him an immigrant, and ordered him to leave, according to King. Next, the officer punched her own husband in the nose, drawing blood, she said.

The officer’s next target, King said, was her son. King said the officer got in her son’s face and clenched her fists as she called him “ignorant” and “brainwashed” and called Black Lives Matter a “scam.” The boy smelled alcohol on her breath, King said.

  • King said the officer's husband drove the boys back to Randolph, but the officer chased after the vehicle as they left, banging on the door and grabbing at the handle.
  • The Globe reported that the father of the other boy also reported the incident to police.
  • The attorney representing the officer said she offered a different account of the incident, saying she spoke to King’s son about his social media comments about Black Lives Matter.
  • The attorney said: “It was not racially motivated or intended to make the young man feel uncomfortable in any way. It wasn’t hostile and it wasn’t confrontational.”
  • The Milton Police Department said it is conducting an internal affairs investigation and has also notified the Department of Children and Families about the incident.

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