Maryland’s GOP Governor Accuses Trump Of Calling South Koreans ‘Terrible People’

Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) and his wife Yumi, who is South Korean.Screengrab / KOREA NOW / YouTube

Artivia Tahir

Gov. Larry Hogan accuses President Trump of insulting South Koreans in front of the governor's South Korean wife

Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) accused President Trump of making offensive comments about South Koreans in front of the governor’s South Korean wife, according to The Independent.

  • Hogan wrote about the ordeal in a Washington Post editorial critiquing the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The comments were reportedly made during a private dinner hosted by the Republican Governors Association. During the dinner, the president spoke about how much he respected and got along with the Chinese, Japanese, and even North Korean leaders.
  • However, Trump said he didn’t like interacting with President Moon of South Korea, adding that he thought that South Koreans were “terrible people.”
  • Hogan said he could see the visible upset in his wife’s face as the president insulted her home country. He wrote in the editorial:

"Yumi was sitting there as the president hurled insults at her birthplace. I could tell she was hurt and upset. I know she wanted to walk out. But she sat there politely and silently."

  • Maryland ended up relying on South Korean support after the president announced that states would be responsible for conducting their own coronavirus testing. The Hogans were able to secure 500,000 test kits with the help of the South Korean government.
  • Trump commented on the move, saying:

"The governor from Maryland didn't really understand [about testing]. The governor of Maryland could've called Mike Pence, could have saved a lot of money ... I don't think he needed to go to South Korea. I think he needed to get a little knowledge."

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